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  1. How to make finger puppets

    Finger puppets are essential for every child’s toy collection, not to mention a fun activity and hours of imaginary fun! The best part about finger puppets is that they are cost effective and easy to make. Perfect for those rainy days inside. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating characters, so you […]

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  2. Make sure your child gets enough sleep

    Sleep is important for the health and development of children. Without the right amount of sleep, children are more likely to have difficulties throughout the day. And, ironically, they’ll have trouble settling down to sleep at night, too. Here are some simple things you can do to help your child have a good night’s sleep. […]

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  3. Make a rainbow cake

    Everyone is looking for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but what if you could combine the two? The result would be a deliciously bright and colourful rainbow cake! An exciting, tasty treat for any occasion and it makes an ideal birthday cake for children. Not only is it a fun […]

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  4. How to keep on top of the laundry

    Short of paying someone else to do it – or putting laundry tasks on your kids’ chore list – there are a few clever ideas to help you get on top of your laundry pile. The Essential Baby forum members have shared some great advice over the years. Here’s our pick of their best laundry […]

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  5. How to make Strawberry-Yoghurt Ice-Blocks

    Mums are always on the lookout for healthy treats. With summer fast approaching, why not try making strawberry-yoghurt ice blocks. A simple, healthy, yummy treat the whole family can enjoy, especially on those hot summer days! These fruity yoghurt ice blocks can serve as both breakfast and afternoon snacks. Don’t limit yourself to just strawberries, […]

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