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How to make finger puppets

A fun arts and craft activity for children of all ages.

Finger puppets are essential for every child’s toy collection, not to mention a fun activity and hours of imaginary fun! The best part about finger puppets is that they are cost effective and easy to make. Perfect for those rainy days inside.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating characters, so you and your children can dream up a whole collection!

To start this creative activity you will need imagination first and foremost. Then some tools such as a hot glue gun and glue or a needle and strong thread, depending on which look you prefer. To decorate the finger puppet you need some felt and any craft items you have lying around. Things like beads, sequins, wool, string, googly eyes and markers work well.

1. Start by cutting out two pieces of felt to cover your finger. Make sure that the felt pieces are slightly larger than your finger.

2. Sew them together at the edges, leaving enough room for your finger. If there is extra felt on the outside of the seam you just made then cut it off. Make sure you don’t cut too close to the edge. For a seamless look, pull it inside out so the extra felt does not show. If you would prefer to use a hot glue gun, glue around the curved U shape of felt leaving the straight bottom unglued. Attach the top piece of felt.

3. Decorate! Encourage your children to decorate them by sticking on googly eyes, gluing little pieces of yarn on for hair, attaching a button for a nose and so on. They may find it easiest to put the finger puppet on their finger while decorating. Use the permanent marker to draw whatever features are missing.

Quick tips: For great finger puppets you need to be adventurous and creative! Use different coloured felts, or maybe add things like ears or a tail. Beads or dots of fabric paint can substitute for the usual googly eyes. Some people like a puppet with a personality. If you want yours to look mean and grumpy, try dark purple felt and use hard things like beads. If you’re creating a happy little puppet then yellow felt and googly eyes work well.

Make sure children are supervised especially with hot glue guns and don’t allow small children to get a hold of little parts like beads or needles. If you are using a sewing machine, keep your fingers away from the needle. If you are just sewing by hand, don’t prick yourself!
Be creative and have fun!