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Make sure your child gets enough sleep

Tips to help your child sleep.

Sleep is important for the health and development of children. Without the right amount of sleep, children are more likely to have difficulties throughout the day. And, ironically, they’ll have trouble settling down to sleep at night, too. Here are some simple things you can do to help your child have a good night’s sleep.

1. Regulate their sleep. Keep your child’s sleep routine consistent. Make sure they go to bed at the same time every night and have a soothing routine before bedtime.

2. Help your child relax by adding some calming lavender-scented soap to their bath. Lavender’s soothing qualities will help relax your child and put them in the right frame of mind for sleeping.

3. Give your child a relaxing foot massage, back scratch, arm tickle or head rub, whichever parent pampering technique makes their eyes droop.

4. Warm, cosy feet are a natural human sedative. So layer on the fuzzy socks, bunny slippers and onesie pyjamas after the bath or when you’re getting your child dressed for bed.

5. Do some gentle, calm, stretches with your child before bedtime, making sure not to wind them up. A few gentle stretches and poses may help your child unwind and relax their tired muscles.

6. Playing soothing instrumental music like Opera, Jazz, Classical and New Age is known for its soothing and calming qualities. Just be sure to skip the big climatic numbers with their big cymbal crashes!

7. Instead of reading your child a story, tell them a story once they are in bed with the lights off. Have them lounge back, close their eyes and relax as they listen. Hopefully the soothing sound of your voice will send them to sleep.

8. Get a night-light. It may seem counterintuitive to light up a room to help your child sleep, but a dim light may be just the thing to stave off the “monsters” keeping them out of their own bed.

9. Limit your child’s liquid consumption before bed, especially sugary drinks so they won’t wake up during the night to go to the toilet.